Professional Trainers

They’ll keep you motivated and might even rough you up a bit.

Seasoned professional Trainers

Whether you need to lose a few pounds or training for a triathlon, Clarksville Athletic Club’s Certified Fitness Trainers are here to help! Best of all, CAC members do not pay extra for training services!  Every CAC member receives a complimentary ONE HOUR one-on-one training session every 6 weeks!  Fitness training is available for any CAC member 10 years & older!  A complimentary health orientation is also provided and must be completed before meeting with a trainer one-on-one.

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When I consider all of the benefits that have resulted from having a fitness trainer at the CAC, I don’t just consider what I have LOST (weight, inches and body fat).  I also consider what I have GAINED ( determination, self-confidence and pride.  My trainer’s encouragement and motivation have helped me attain attributes that are more important to me than just strength and endurance.


I enjoy meeting with a CAC fitness trainer because of their accountability and knowledge to help me reach my fitness and health goals.  The trainers listen to my goals and comfort level, then create a plan for success.


I couldn’t be happier with my experience at the CAC, and with my fitness trainer Emmy.  She has worked with me for the past two years to reach goals that I never thought I could achieve.  Her positive support and encouragement have been awesome, particularly when I was struggling to stay motivated.  I’ve come to see the CAC as a second home, and really enjoy the overall family atmosphere here.  The staff are very kind and welcoming, the facility is always clean and sanitized and you can’t beat the variety of equipment and classes.  I am constantly recommending friends to join, and when you’re ready to reach those goals, see Emmy!

Meagan J

I enjoy meeting with a fitness trainer at the CAC because I am able to track my progress, stay disciplined and able to try new things.  No extra cost for fitness trainers, knowledge of equipment, accountability and the fact I’ve lost inches are all great benefits I have received.



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