Group x / Aerobics

We’ve got a Group X or Aerobic class for everyone. Can you hang?

Group X

Clarksville Athletic Club’s group fitness program offers a wide range of group exercise classes including Cardio-Kickboxing, Zumba, Boot-Camp, Pilates, Yoga, Step, and Strength Training, just to name a few. We are proud to be able to offer such a variety of classes to help you meet your fitness needs. All of our instructors are certified and highly qualified. Here’s a little more about each of our Group X programs.

Ab Session

Intense abdominal/ low back workout
15 min class

Cardio Strength

High intensity interval training utilizing 20 second work and 10 second rest periods. These short intense workouts improve aerobic and anaerobic capacity, improve blood sugar metabolism, and improve fat burning.
45 min class

Bottoms Up

Building strength and definition of abs,thighs,and bottom
30 min class

Turn Up

Dancing with strength-training/toning. 3-4 min of dance and strength-training cycles. Work on rhythm, strength, flexibility through today’s popular dance moves.
45 min class

Muscle Factory/ Strength Training

A non-impact, no dance work out designed to address muscular strength and endurance.
45 min class

Body Rock

Intervals of cardio that include functional, strength, core and, balance training, ending with flexibility stretches.
45 min class

Yoga Stretch

It moves through a series of poses that stretch the spine, shoulders, neck and back
45 min class

Fit Forever

This class is less aggressive on the joints, yet effective for improving strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility.
45 min class

Boot Camp

Strength and cardio collide in this energetic, fast paced head to toe workout. No rhythm necessary, potential to burn over 1000 calories.
45 min class


It’s Fun, It’s Different, and it’s Easy to follow. Using a variety of different Latin rhythms.
45 min class

Pilates Core Plus

A different complimentary discipline creating a strong core, lean flexible muscles, performed in a gentle but demanding format.
45 min class


Insanity is a total body workout using yoru own body weight. No rhythm necessary, potential to burn over 1000 calories.
45 min class

Kickboxing Rouge/ Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing with added strength moves and HIIT seq. Potential to burn over 1000 calories.
45 min class

Dance Fit

Dancing with strength- training/toning. 3-4min.of dance and strength-training cycles. Work on rhythm, strength, flexibility through today’s popular dance moves.
45 min class


A precise series of exercise positions designed to improve mental concentration, strength, and flexibility. Also, will increase R.O.M which is Range Of Motion.
45 min class

Strong Nation

High intensity workout where every move is synched to a beat. Combines body weight, muscle conditioning, and plyometric training
45 min class

** Any class that does not have at least 5 members will not be taught for that hour. If low numbers continue, then the class(es) will be modified or removed from the schedule. Children 7 years of age and older are welcome to participate in any group exercise class with supervision!!**

Aquatic Exercise

There are many physical and psychological benefits of aquatic exercise.

  • You can lose 400 to 700 calories in just one hour (depending on intensity)
  • Improves your heart, lung-capacity, metabolic rates and lowers your blood pressure
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Great for those with arthritis
  • Helps with discomfort for pregnant women
  • Relieves daily stress

Boot Camp Aqua

High energy cardio class focusing on all major muscle groups. Includes a “pumped up” cardiovascular workout as well as strength training with the hand weights.
1 hour class

Cardio Moves!

High octane class that will challenge your cardiovascular endurance by utilizing powerful movements that involve full range of motion for the body. Get ready to work your abs, buns, and thighs with high energy dance music.
1 hour class

Cardio Intervals

The instructor will help you reach your fitness goals with fun moves and great music!
1 hour class

Hydro Power

A workout for all fitness levels, providing challenging training using the “Triple-T” technique. The “Triple-T” focuses on trunk, timing and toning.
1 hour class

Aqua DyNaMix

Come join this HIGH PERFORMANCE class that mixes cardio endurance and strength training. James will push you to your limits to ensure a great physical workout.
1 hour class

The Aqua Zone

Use the power of the water’s resistance to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. With continuous water work, suspended moves and aqua stretching, the course is guaranteed to shape and hone your entire body.
1 hour class

Hydro Waves

Shift it into high gear and join the splash as we move through the resistance of the water.
1 hour class

Strength Intervals

This class offers strength training using the water’s natural resistance with intervals of cardiovascular endurance exercises. This is a great way to challenge all ages and body types from “builders” to “grannies.”
1 hour class

Cardio Meltdown

Burn fat and reshape your body with strong cardio moves in the water! Fun cardiovascular workout with dynamic arm and leg movements that will get your heart rate up and running.
1 hour class


Have you ever wished a fitness center offered your favorite class on YOUR schedule?

Clarksville Athletic Club now offers a state-of-the-art Group Fitness platform called Wellbeats! Wellbeats programming offers different genres such as cycling, yoga, kickboxing, children’s classes, etc with more than 100 different group exercise classes ON DEMAND! Check out the Wellbeats kiosk in the Group Exercise II room.

Boxing Club

A high pace cardio fitness program combining the techniques of Muai Thai, Kickboxing, and Boxing. You will learn how to acquire self defense skills, discipline, and maintain cardiovascular fitness, endurance, and strength.


Joining is easy and we would love to talk about you becoming a part of the Clarksville Athletic Club Family! Just fill out the form and someone from our team will connect with you about taking a tour of our facility!