Swim Lessons

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming… Need to learn? You’re in the right place!

Summer Swim Lesson Enrollment Dates

Session 1: April 15th – May 8th
Session 2: May 28th – June 6th
Session 3: June 17th – June 27th

Clarksville Athletic Club’s swim lesson clinics will teach children and adults how to be safe and confident in the water!  CAC offers a variety of classes based on skill levels throughout the year!  Please visit the Clarksville Athletic Club to sign up.  Prices are as follows:

CAC Members  $80.00
Non-Members   $90.00

Class Descriptions & Prerequisites

Tadpoles (Parent & Child)

Age: 6 months – 3 years

An adult family member accompanies the child in the pool which will give parents the opportunity to become comfortable with their child in the water and learn skills they can practice at home. Classes are 30 minutes long and will focus on water adjustments and safety skills in the water through song and play.


Age: Any child fearful of water

This class is perfect for those who are timid around the water. We will be working on getting comfortable with putting face in the water at each swimmer’s own pace.

Goals for the Turtles class:

  • Water adjustment and safety skills
  • Breath holding and bubbles
  • Submerging
  • Assisted back float
  • Kicking with eyes under
  • Rollover breathing and pop up breathing
  • Jumps and return to wall
  • Safety skills

Super Fish

Age: children 3 and up who have no fear of the water

This level is for children ready to swim 3 feet independently and will work on swimming longer distances. Classes are 30 minutes with 4 students per class.

Goals for the SuperFish class:

  • Initiating a swim independently
  • Relaxed front float with eyes down
  • Floating and elementary backstroke
  • Rollover breathing
  • Crawl arm stroke practice
  • Retrieval of objects from steps
  • Seated jump and standing jump
  • Enter deep water safely
  • Safety skills


Age: School-Age group for children aged 5 and up

These classes are for those who have mastered the goals of the SuperFish level and are ready to swim 15 feet with an unassisted breath. Classes will be 30 minutes.

Goals for the Dolphin class:

  • Freestyle with rollover or side breathing
  • Backstroke or unassisted elementary backstroke
  • Dolphin kick
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Build endurance to swim longer distances
  • Survival bobbing
  • Streamline
  • Safety skills


Joining is easy and we would love to talk about you becoming a part of the Clarksville Athletic Club Family! Just fill out the form and someone from our team will connect with you about taking a tour of our facility!